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Panoramic Lightbox

A new way to light up your business.


Lightbox modular design allows it to be extremely portable, perfect for tradeshows and special events.


Lightbox can be custom built to any size and shape, perfect for creative solutions.

Reasons Why

6 great reasons to choose the Panoramic Lightbox
1. Quick and Easy to Set-up
Panoramic lightbox is quickly set up, with no expertise, thanks to an Allen key supplied with the kit.
2. Lightweight
he aluminum profiles and the graphics printed on fabric allow the solution to be lightweight and easily transported: less than 20kg for a 1x2m lightbox.
3. Led Lights
The LED light strips are riveted on the profile, and the optics of the LED are specially made for homogeneous light diffusion. The use of Led Lights help to bring out the graphics full potential.
4. Sinlge or Double Sided
5. Easy to Change Graphics
6. Seamless Corners

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Set-Up Video

Check out this video to learn just how quick and easy the Panoramic Lightbox is to set-up.

Panoramic Lightbox Products

Browse through turn-key 10' and 20' Panoramic Lightbox, or contact us to get started with a custom design.

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