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Panoramic H-Line Exhibits

Custom has never been so easy and affordable

Endless Modularity

All module types can be connected to one another. Endless combinations, to fit any booth space.

H-Line Exhibits
Endless Possibilities

Endless combinations and possibilities, to fit any booth space. More Examples

H-Line Accessories

Personalize your H-line exhibit with over 30 accessory options See all Accessories

H-Line Pre-Assembled Modules

Provide unlimited design options to personalize your custom exhibit. Graphics come pre-installed into each module greatly reducing set up time. Assembly Instructions

Shipping Crate

H-Line panel modules simply slide into a custom-made crate held with tracks to keep them safe and secure during transport.

No Tools Required

H-Line module locks make assembly quick and easy!

Set-Up Video

Check out this video to learn just how quick and easy the H-Line system is to set-up.

H-Line Kits

Browse through turn-key 10' and 20' H-Line kit configurations, or contact us to get started with a custom design.

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