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Exhibitree Display - Design Portfolio

Many of our new customers have told us that they chose Exhibitree
based on a referral or from seeing work we have done for someone else.
This is the reason we created the portfolios you can see below.

Exhibitree Display - Portfolio - Special Projects

Special Projects

Projects we have enjoyed

Exhibitree Display - Portfolio - Experiential Events

Experiential Events

Experience based design projects

Exhibitree Display - Portfolio - Rental Projects

Rental Projects

Rental booth designs

Exhibitree Display - Portfolio - Exhibit Designs

Exhibit Designs

Booth design renderings


Experiential Events

Creating a positive personal experience with your product or service is proving to be one of the most cost effective and
powerful ways to build brand loyalty. The concept goes beyond the traditional features and benefits approach to actually let people really
try out your product or service without any commitment to purchase. Add some fun and you now have a true experiential experience.

Exhibitree Display - Portfolio - Experiential

Street Events

Take a wonderful street location where people are out to relax and you have the perfect atmosphere to create an experiential event. City planners and local business people are very aware of the value that a well organized event can bring to their communities and will often contribute to its success particularly when consulted early in the process.

Taking your brand to the street.

Mall Events

Shopping Malls are another great place where people go to relax and enjoy themselves.
They are also perfect venues to stage experiential events with easy access to power and other public facilities. Major Malls compete for shoppers and recognize the value of special events to draw traffic; many include specifically designed spaces for this very purpose.

Hit the mall with your special event.

Road Shows

Travelling road shows are popular for spreading a message uniquely targeted at communities. Matched with local community advertising to create interest leading up to the activation date, road shows can draw people of all ages, particularly in smaller communities. Road show
tours are often set up in city parks and community areas, housed in large tents creating an attractive setting to engage a public audience. Interactive experienced based exhibits and
live presentations are some of the methods used to successfully educate or convey an important story.

Taking your message on
the road.

Mobile Marketing

Many companies are finding Mobile showrooms to be a great alternative to trade shows. Especially for promoting hot new products that they don’t want their competition to see. Another great advantage for mobile showrooms is their ability to capture your audience’s full undivided attention. Mobile showrooms are often used successfully for other experiential marketing events including open houses and community sponsorship events.

Get out there.
Get mobile.