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Panoramic H-Line


Panoramic H-Line


Base Kit Includes:

8 Standard 38" Modules (5 w/ graphics), 1 Standard Door Module, 2 Shelving Modules (3 Shelves Each), 1 Monitor Module, 4 LED Lights, 1 Custom Wooden Crate. Initial File Prep/Printing, Graphics Included.

Purchase: $14,321

Booth Size (feet): 10 x 20
Approx. Weight: 700lbs
Approx. Dimensions: 34”w x 60”h x 98”l

Optional Accessories Shown:

Medium Counter

Purchase: $1528

Custom Printed Carpet

Purchase: $16.50/sqft

*Price excludes: graphic design, shipping and taxes. Ships from Montreal, Canada.
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Set-Up Video

Check out this video to learn just how quick and easy the H-Line system is to set-up.