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Panoramic H-Line


Panoramic H-Line


Base Kit Includes:

5 Standard 38" Modules, 2 Standard Half-Wall Modules, 1 Standard 19" Module, 1 Standard 9.5" Module, 1 Standard 38" Door Module, 1 TV/Console Module, 1 Shelving Module (3 Shelves), 1 Arch Module (Front Lightbox), 4 LED Lights, 1 Custom Wooden Crate. Initial File Prep/Printing, Graphics Included.

Purchase: $18,343

Booth Size (feet): 10 x 20
Approx. Shipping Weight: 700lbs
Shipping Dims: 34”w x 60”h x 98”l

Optional Accessories Shown:

19" x 19" Lightbox Header

Purchase: $864

Rent: $279

47" x 19" Lightbox Header

Purchase: $1134

Rent: $369

Custom Printed Carpet

Purchase: $16.50/sqft

*Prices are FOB Delta BC, Canada and do not include applicable taxes or shipping. Rental prices include estimated install and dismantle fees in Greater Vancouver. Furniture and electronics are not included. Prices and specifications are subject to change. Adding accessories may require additional crate.
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Set-Up Video

Check out this video to learn just how quick and easy the H-Line system is to set-up.