8' Hello.Xpress Pop-up


8' Hello.Xpress Pop-up


Base Kit includes: 2 1x3 Xpress Frames, 2 Shelves (11.5" x 27.5"), 2 1x3 Tension Fabric Graphics, 3 1x1 Tension Fabric Graphics 1 Wheeled Case/Counter Kit 1 Tension Fabric Counter Graphic

Hello Xpress, the “all in one” exhibit that fits in one small 40lb suitcase for hassle-free travel. Your Rotomolded suitcase converts quickly in to a large sturdy counter. Inside is a complete 8ft wide exhibit with vivid graphics and two shelves. Everything you need to promote your message anywhere and everywhere.

Hello Xpress is so versatile that it can be reconfigured into a multiple of shapes and sizes. Add additional frames and graphics to expand your booth size. The possibilities are endless.

Chose accessories to personalize your exhibit, including LED lights, shelves and additional graphics.

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Booth Size (feet): 10ft x 10ft
Approx. Weight: 40 lbs
Approx. Dimensions: 93.5"w x 94"h x 12.75"d

Optional Accessories Shown:

1 LED Light

* Prices exclude design, taxes or shipping. This product ships from Montreal, QC.
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Set-Up Video

Check out this video to learn just how quick and easy the Hello Xpress system is to set-up.


The all-in-one exhibit for people on the move


The all-in-one exhibit for people on the move

Hassle free travel

A complete 8ft exhibit and counter in one 40lb suitcase.

Set up in minutes

One person and no tools.


One Exhibit, so many ways to display it.


Led arm lights, additional shelves, graphics and support feet are available.

Changing graphics is easy

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